Bible Creative Conference 2024: Speaker On-Boarding Process

Please click on the links in each box below to complete our speaker on-boarding process. There are three steps to provide all the information needed to establish you as a speaker for the Bible Creative Conference. Below, you will see three additional opportunities to help you make the most of your experience. Submissions are due January 5, 2024.

This is the form each speaker needs to complete that provides a headshot, title of your session and description.

We need you to activate your ticket on RingCentral (Hopin). This helps us set up the event and allows us to designate you as a speaker in the platform.

Optional Opportunities

Below, you can find an optional opportunities we provide for our speakers.

Each speaker receives the opportunity to submit a digital product or workshop to be included in the bonuses in the VIP Pass or the Swag Bag. This will help you get more exposure to your business or ministry. Click here to submit a product or service for VIP Pass Purchasers.

Each speaker receives the opportunity to have an expo booth at the event. This is ideal to introduce your business, ministry, or mission to all conference attendees. Click here to watch a short video about expo booths and to submit a booth.

Each speaker receives the opportunity to be an affiliate for this event. The affiliate commission is 40% of the ticket sale. Please note, the tickets are free with a paid upgrade available. Click here to complete your affiliate set up and receive your unique link.

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