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Connect with your people through your virtual conference

 You are good at helping and serving your people. But do you know you can step up areas of your virtual event? 

Hey, I’m Jen and I want to help you create an event that invites attendees to join a community, not just an event. A virtual event can be just that. A one time, come, get your information and leave kind of thing. Or it can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and your attendees and your attendees and each other. 

Your virtual event needs to focus on community right from the start or it will always feel like an after thought.  We will work together to be sure you are clear on who your people are and how you are going to communicate the hope you have to offer them through your virtual event.

You want each part of your event to be a cohesive plan to help your business to create community and generate revenue. I love working with you from start to finish on each detail of your virtual event. Getting these things just right can be the difference between speaking to your attendees’ hearts or completely missing the mark. 

Two Truths

And a Lie

Have you ever played the game, “Two truths and a lie?” The premise of the game is that one person says two things that are true about themselves and one thing that isn’t.

It is up to everyone else to decide what is the lie. 

Let’s Play! 

I’ll share three statements about myself and you have to decide what is true! Ask me when we chat about your next project.

More about


I have been interested in coordinating events since sixth grade when my mom directed Vacation Bible School at our church. I loved helping with all the details and then seeing that planning come to fruition. I continued to help plan events through high school, college and beyond. 

When I was introduced to the idea of a virtual conference, my detail-oriented mind about exploded trying the think about all that would be involved. But, when I was finally convinced it was a good idea, I wasn’t counting on what made me fall in love with virtual conferences.

It was the people. I walked away from my first online conference amazed at the cool people I got to meet through the event. As I continued to attend virtual events, I realized some events had that magical effect and some fell flat.  

The events that were memorable and exciting were the one focused on creating community, not just delivering information.

I started watching more closely and practicing on creating community during events. What a joy it is to see a group of people come together with a common message of hope for their need and the delight that connection brings them. 

Hope really brings light in the the lives of people and I’m so excited to help you share it. You will find it is a common theme here!

You want a virtual event that is simple yet rich in relationships.

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