You Can

Host an Online Conference with confidence this year.

Hosting your own conference has long been a dream, that “someday when…” goal. But that “someday” gets pushed back by life and never comes. 

What if you had the support, plan, and help to make this dream a reality?

Create community, connections, and revenue with YOUR online conference.

Beautifully Simple

Your next (or first) online event can be beautifully simple. We want to help you make each area of your event easy. Simple processes, simple tech, simple communication, and ultimately, a simple event.

Simple process

With our proven step-by-step process, you will quickly be at ease knowing you aren’t missing anything.

Simple tech

Let us take the mystery and stress out of the tech involved in an online event. 

Simple resources

Conferences require a lot of copy and design resources. We provide these specific to your event.

Simple event

You want an awesome experience for your attendees. We do too. We use a platform that is simple to learn and use.

I get it

You have a love/hate relationship with your online conference

You love what your event does for your business. You love the cash injection, you love the connections, and you love the business that comes from it. But you hate the stress, the tech, and the overwhelm. 

  • Tech that is more complicated than it needs to be
  • Speaker management that gives you a headache
  • Timelines and deadlines that pass and then create real crunch time
  • Added stress to your family 
Skip the Stress

Partner with Line of Hope Creative

Let us help take the crush of your event and make it simple again. Enjoy the benefits, avoid the stress. 

How it works

Getting started is simple

1. Connect

Apply for a free connection call to discuss your vision for a simplified event and how it can impact your business.

2. Plan

We will work together to make a plan for your event. Get ready to take your event to the next level.

3. Event

We offer support for your entire event, from the tech to the follow-up. We have your back.

Jen Kline Line of Hope Creative
Let's tame the overwhelm

I'm Jen and I want to help you

I help kingdom-minded businesses create community, connections, and revenue through virtual events.

I understand the tech behind virtual events and conferences. 

The details that go into a virtual event can easily get out of control. You need a proven plan to coordinate them all.

Your time is precious and a virtual conference shouldn’t rob time from your family. 

I can help you plan your event with confidence.

Get 5 Tips to Help you

Create Community and Connections

with an online conference

Connections don’t just happen online. Someone has to be intentional to make them happen. That is your role as a conference host. Get five creative ideas to help you bake community into your conference plan.

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