There is a message burning in you, craving to get out

but how do you even start?

Get the support you know you know you need to share the hope you have with your audience through a virtual conference. Let’s take big action toward those dreams.

Imagine This

You have just finished hosting your virtual conference and are floored by the results

You watched your audience achieve their ah-ha moment. You felt the magnetic community forming. 

You grew your email list by hundreds, if not thousands,  and know there are so many new people in your audience you can serve. 

You made some powerful connections with speakers and are excited to see new ways to collaborate.

Your revenue was elevated in a way to help you reach your business goals and make a difference in your family.

You have filled your group program, membership, or one-on-one service offer. You can’t believe how you achieved that!

You recognize the value of the relationships you are forming with speakers and attendees. 

You are getting the feedback from attendees and are continuing to recognize ways you can provide the next logical step for them.

You are delighting in the direction and clarity your business has gained from hosting an event. 

I'm Jen and I want to be your Virtual Event Mentor

I’m here for you and so excited to help you move closer to business freedom with a virtual conference. I have hosted or partnered with businesses to host over 20 virtual events. I am ready to help you take the next steps to host yours.

I’m a wife and mama of five and when looking at a menu at a restaurant, I will order based on what comes with French Fries. They are my fav. 

I can’t wait to help you take action through a wildly successful event!

Meet the

Virtual Conference Launchpad

Join our six-month fun community of business owners like you receiving structured and continued support to take the conference idea born in you this week and bring it to fruition. 

You are going to have

Created a magnetic community

Magnetic community comes through a common breakthrough experience. Creating opportunities for this helps you grow yours.

Powerful connections

With these new connections, you will find yourself asked for new collaboration opportunities which just continue to create greater reach and audience growth.

Elevated Revenue

Pair your event with you signature offer and increase your revenue in exponential ways.

Virtual Conference Launchpad

A six-month community program to help you reap the benefits of becoming a virtual conference host.

You will Get:

Total Value of:


Available to you as special conference price of


Or an easy payment plan of two $1750 payments

Virtual Conference Launchpad

You will be immersed in these topics

Hear what Anne Marie has to say about working with Jen

They have produced five (soon to be six) conferences together

We have a saying around here, “Don’t event alone.” Anne Marie demonstrates that here.

Will you do the hard, but rewarding work of building your virtual event and move your business toward your dreams or will you continue just putting it off until, "later?"

How can you offer hope in the best way possible for your audience?

Frequently Asked Questions

This isn’t going to be the ideal solution for all businesses. I want to make sure it is a good fit for you before you commit.

This is just a brief call to be sure this group program is a good fit for your business. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

We will start by doing some audience building and exploring their wants and needs.

We will not plan your event in less than three months. Ideally, we would be looking at 4-5 months planning.

We will do some research on your audience and determine what they are looking for. This will help you fill your event easier.

Feel free to schedule a call and we will get your questions answered!

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